31 October 2020 – Campus Party

Campus Party: Adventurers Assemble!

by Campus Party AustralAsia

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Thoughts from the Campus Party organiser:

 “This has to be my FAVOURITE panel from this Campus Party 🚀: Jennie ‘HeliJen‘ Bewes, David Mayman JetPack Aviation, Josh Stinson The Charity Adventurer and David Adamson Specialist Helicopters

“Every perceived impossibility is just a possibility waiting to happen. There’s far more to dream activation than passion and belief”

🎯 Be aware, be ever-ready
🎯 Obstacles are opportunities in hiding
🎯 Opportunities come from doing, from the day-to-day
🎯 Motivation is a by-product of action
🎯 Surround yourself with people who move you forward

I’m not one who’s into aviation or extreme sports, but their stories energize me- I’ll be following the journey these guys are taking and their next adventure. Go check them out! 🤩


Campus Party Digital AustralAsia 2020 #CPDE

Adventurers Assemble! How we leaped and flipped our ‘normal’ careers into one great adventure, hosted by Jen Bewes, helicopter and jetpack pilot.

Four adventurers share the highs and lows of their transformational journeys: from conventional beginnings to jetpack invention, movie helicopter piloting, and representing Australia in 14km downhill unicycle race (despite never having ridden one before).

Jen Bewes (HOST)- Helicopter and Jetpack Pilot
After an early start in hospitality and taster in law, Jennie’s self-taught web development skills (pre-Google) earned her a 20-year career in corporate innovation. Seeking more, she gave it all up to get her commercial helicopter pilot licence and train for a Jetpack pilot licence. Her next ambition is to cross Australia by Jetpack.

Josh Stinton – Adventurer, innovator, facilitator: 
As an adventurer, I take on some of the world’s hardest challenges to raise awareness and funds for small charities around the world. I have been fortunate in gaining nationwide media attention in Australia helping me support one small charity at a time. To assist in my efforts I align with organisations with the common goal of gaining awareness to initiatives that matter.

David Mayman – JetPack inventor and pilot
For 10 years I worked with a group of wonderful engineers to create a jetpack. I achieved this and flew the JB9 around the Statue of Liberty in 2015 and around the Sydney Opera House in 2019. My focus now is on developing a practical small, ultra high speed VTOL vehicle. It will be approximately the size of a motorcycle and can be flown manned or unmanned.

David Adamson – Movie Pilot & Flight Instructor and Examiner for Specialist Helicopters

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